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Museums in Argolida

Museums in the Area

The area of Argolida is filled with history and historic buildings, many of which have been turned into museums, now housing great finds from ancient eras up to modern history. So take a look at some recommendations bellow and begin your journey through the past and use Tolo as your base.

Byzantine Museum


The Byzantine Museum of Argolida is located in Argos and is accommodated in the western and southwestern wing of Kapodistrias Barracks complex, a historic and preserved building,

Archaeological Museum


The Archaeological Museum of Nafplio is housed in the Venetian stone building in the town's centre. The new permanent exhibition of the museum is spread out among two floors of the building and is divided in sections, each presenting one or some of the cultures that developed in Argolida, from prehistoric times up to the late antiquity.

  • Argos Byzantine Museum
  • Archaeological Museum Nafplion
  • Worry Bead Museum Nafplio
  • Nafplion War Museum

Worry Bead Museum


The "Komboloi" Museum is housed in a building in the Old Town of Nafplion. It is a private building with two stories on Staikopoulou Street. The upper floor is used as the exhibition space while the ground floor accommodates the workshop, where old rosaries ("Komboloia") are preserved and copied as close to the original as possible.

War Museum


The War Museum in Nafplio, housed in the building of the first Evelpidon Military Academy. The museum has 2 floors and that accommodates uniforms, riffles, cannons etc and presents the struggles of the Greek nation. The War Museum of the city of Nafplio belongs to the War Museum where it is located in Athens and of which it is the first branch

Natural History Museum


The museum of Natural History in Ligourio houses on of the rarest collections of fossils and a collection of amonites said to be the most complete in the world. The museum collaborates with scientist from the University of Athens and the Aristotelian Univesity of Thessaloniki and is a centre of attention world wide for visitors and many schools.

Folklore Museum


The collections of the Foundation were started in 1974 when the founder Ioanna Papantoniou donated 6,000 items. Today the number of items has reached 50,000 related to the modern culture with most objects dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

  • Natural History Museum Ligourio
  • Nafplion Folklore Museum